Reed Diffuser

Size: 200ml

Our Reed Diffusers are very highly scented providing a permanent wave of fragrance in your home. Our narrow-necked bottles mean the oil is diffused through the reeds rather than straight into the air. Our delux version with 8 reeds will completely fill the bottle neck and provide a boost to your fragrance.


Your diffuser bottle is filled with 200ml of oil and should last for 6-8 months. If the smell starts wearing off, give the bottle a gentle shake or turn the reeds the other way up.


The diffuser comes boxed with either 5 reeds in the Standard version or 8 reeds in the Delux version.

Reed Diffuser

  • Beautifully designed to blend in with any decor due to the clear bottle and neutral reeds. Our reed diffusers are a practical and long-lasting option for creating a beautifully fragranced home. Our collection of luxury fragrances provide the perfect combinations of exotic fragrances to suit all rooms.